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Dry Eye Relief at McCracken Opticians

If you are experiencing:


Gritty, Sandy Sensations


Watery Eyes

Tender Eyelids

Irritated Red Eyes

White Stringy Threads In The Tears


Dandruff Along Eyelashes

Help is at hand!
If you are suffering from any of the above you may well have a very common tear problem known as Dry Eye, and the good news is that once it has been properly investigated most people find that it is relatively easy to treat.
Dry Eye occurs when your tear flow reduces or your tears evaporate too quickly, causing the very sensitive front surface of your eye to dry out. The eyes then become uncomfortable and red.
There are many different causes of dry eye, which must be properly investigated if it is to be treated effectively.
Mark McCracken, therapeutic specialist optometrist at McCracken Opticians, has been accredited to provide Dry Eye services in Uttoxeter.
At the Dry Eye clinic we will carefully consider your symptoms, undertake a detailed specialist examination of your tears, recommend the latest treatments to alleviate your specific symptoms and ensure that you leave knowing exactly how to treat your particular condition with a bespoke care plan. We will then invite you to return for follow up appointments to fine tune your treatment over a period of up to three months.  Most dry eye conditions are well-controlled by simple therapies such as artificial tears/ocular lubricants, eyelid wipes and compresses and straightforward lifestyle changes, but Mark also has a wealth of experience in specialist dry eye interventions, such as the fitting of punctum plugs to help dry eyes retain their tears.
The clinic also offers management of common eyelid problems like Blepharitis and Eyelid cysts (Chalazion or Meibomian Cysts).
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This is a private fee service and is not covered by the NHS.